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We can reflash all the older cars that need reflashing

When the ECU quits working or you have lost your keys on select older Toyota and Lexus cars you only have two things you can do.

You can Tow the car to a dealer and pay to have a new ECU installed and a new key made and programmed in to the car. Doing this will cost you a lot of money and time and is not necessary when you can have us do it for you. 

The better way is to have us Chicago car keys take the ECU out and reflash it and make a new keys and do all the needed programming so you have a working key again and we can do this at a fraction of the cost of taking your car to a dealer saving you money and we can do it a lot faster as well. We are the Chicago Lexus reflashing and Chicago Toyota reflashing experts we have the professional equipment that is needed and have done this over and over for our customers for years.

What is a Car Re-flash and How dose it work?

One of the services we offer here at Chicago car keys is re-flashing.  Re-flashing (sometimes spelled “reflashing,” without the dash) is a process which is also offered by some automotive shops. 

A lot of people hear the term “re-flashing” and wonder if this is something they really need for the car they have.  The name for starters may sound strange to some, and it doesn’t help that a lot of the auto shops in the area advertise this service promoted as a regular “maintenance” service with the same utility as a tune-up or fluid flush it can get very confusing.

 A car re-flash is not necessary as a routine maintenance procedure.  It can however help you if you need your car re-keyed, which is the reason why we offer it as part of our Chicago Lexus reflashing service.

How is Re-flashing Done?

Re-flashing any computer, including the one in your Lexus or Toyota car means updating or reinstalling some or all of its special software. 

If the manufacturer of your car updates the software for your car’s computer, you should receive a notification from them, and your dealer will generally offer you the upgrade for free.  This is a rare scenario that almost never happens.

If you have a Lexus or Toyota vehicle or a few others which use a transponder key you may need a re-flash if you have lost your master keys.  If you do not have at least one programmed good working master key which you can use to create new keys, none of the keys you have created will work with your car. 

This is where a lot of car dealers will offer not to re-flash your car’s computer, but to replace it completely—charging you thousands of dollars in the process.  This is a rip-off, and something you should never subject yourself to unless all other options fail and it is a last resort.

Lexus or Toyota Re-flashing is not something you can do on your own at home with a scanning or testing device.  The equipment which is used for re-flashing Lexus and Toyota car computers costs thousands of dollars.  We have that equipment in stock and use it on a weekly basis. 

We offer re-flashing services so that you do not have to take or tow your car in to your dealer to get the computer replaced when that is not needed.  Replacing the computer is overkill and simply a waste of money.  A good Chicago auto locksmith will never tell you that you have to replace your computer.

When your Lexus or Toyota car is re-flashed for new transponder keys the computer is removed from the car and opened up temporarily.  Once the chip which controls key programming is located, it can be re-programmed with a new key program to match the new keys.  Only a minority of cars actually use transponder keys (these include certain models of Toyota, Acura, Honda and Lexus), but those which do can pose quite a hassle if you lose your master key.

So in summary Lexus and Toyota re-flashing is rarely required as a service, but when it is, it can be essential—and it can save thousands of dollars VS taking it to a dealer.  Car re-flashing is unnecessary for routine maintenance, but it is absolutely vital if you lose all your master keys and you own a vehicle which requires programmed transponder keys which are compatible with your car’s central computer. We are the Chicago Lexus and Toyota reflashing locksmith to call for fast quality service.

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Lexus and Toytoa Reflashing car years that need a reflash


1998 – 2001 ES3001998 – 2001 GS3001998 – 2000 GS4002001 IS3001997 – 2000 LS4001998 – 2000 LX4701999 – 2003 RX3001998 – 2000 SC3001998 – 2000 SC400


1998 – 2000 4-Runner1998 – 2004 Avalon1998 – 2001 Camry2010 FJ Cruiser2001 – 2003 Highlander1998 – 2000 Landcruiser2000 – 2005 MR22000 – 2003 Prius2001 – 2003 RAV42003 – 2007 Sequoia1999 – 2003 Sienna1998 – 2006 Solara