Chicago Car Ignition Repair

Key broke off | Key stuck in ignition | Key wont turn

Chicago Ignition Repair


We do all aspect of ignition repair or replacement.

  • Key broke off in the ignition no problem we can get it out and make you a new key.
  • Key goes in but wont turn to start the car we can fit it.
  • Your key is stuck in the cars ignition and wont pull out - another common problem we can fix.
  • The ignition turns freely like it is not connected in the back and wont start the car. We can replace it with a new one.
  • You want your car ignition re-coded to a new key cut - Good when someone has stolen your keys and they know where you live to get access to your car.
  • Any other car ignition problems we are the Chicago car locksmith to call.

Chicago Car Door Lock Repair


We work on car door locks as well fixing the problems you may have.

  • Key broke off in the car door.
  • Damaged door lock from a car wreck.
  • Door lock is jamming up not letting the key go in.
  • Door lock re-coding to a new key cut this should be part of re-coding the ignition as well - Good for stolen keys, To stop a X from taking your car that has a set of your keys, Great for business owners that want to have a few cars or trucks match to the same key.

For all your car lock needs call Chicago Car Key .com for fast quality service.

Chicago Ignition and car lock problems


As a Chicago ignition locksmith we run into many car lock and ignition problems and with our years of experience we know how to get it fixed and we stock most common ignitions and parts that are needed.

Being a Chicago mobile auto locksmith we will come to you to work on your car saving you money from having to have your car towed.

Quality service and parts we do not take short cuts that may lead to another ignition problem down the road.

Call us today to talk with a service tech about your ignition problems (773) 521-7000

Emergency Ignition Repair Service

Call Us At (773) 277-5397